I started this journey with Janice last year when my health was suffering. For the first time, I was told by the doctors that I high blood pressure; I was also morbidly obese, pushing almost 20 stones (127kg). I knew I needed to do something. One of my best friends pointed me in Janice’s direction and it’s a decision I have never regretted. Just 2 weeks after starting Janice’s class, I went back to the doctors and I was told by the nurse that my blood pressure was ‘perfect’ and ‘whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.’ 
The classes are so much fun and it really gets you sweating. The energy is electric and you really do look forward to logging on. Janice knows how to get you working but also knows how to adapt which is a testament of a true teacher. I am almost 5 stones down (and counting) and Janice has been unequivocally instrumental on this journey. I really, really recommend her!

Cool Rowings Fitness & Athletics

Hi. Hope you and your family are keeping well. I just wanted to share with you something that my daughter said, on returning to school she was asked to write about people who influence her and she wrote about you. She says that you always encourage her to run her best and even though she hasn’t seen you for awhile she still knows you want her to do her best with everything no matter how hard it gets

Don't give up!

A message of support whilst Weininger was going through treatment for Prostate Cancer!

Janice JFI Karate

JFI Karate is an outstanding service. Janice and her team care about the well-being and development of every child. My children have grown in discipline, skill and thoroughly enjoy their karate lessons. They feel a sense of achievement during competitions and thrive within this community. Highly recommend. 
-Zara Muirhead (Love Literacy)

Cool Rowings

Keep up the good work and you are doing great things with Cool Rowings and getting more youngsters to row.

Rob Isaac - Dream Team competitor

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