BBC 2  Back In Time For Brixton

Caribbean Mixx  Irwin family pay homage to the Windrush Generation with their re enaction of the 1940's through to the 1990's watch episode.


BBC 1  Are You Tough Enough for the S.A.S 

The BBC due to the lack of diversity on its then new reality program contacted Caribbean Mixx Fitness and invited them to participate in the first ever series of BBC 1 Are You Tough Enough (for the SAS) See video

BBC Tough Enough

Rover Daily Telegraph Dreamteam Olympic Challenge

Caribbean Mixx Fitness organised and captained by Weininger Irwin competed in The Daily Telegraph Rover Dream Team Challenge, a national competition which gave participants the opportunity to compete against British Olympic and World Champions (Jonathan Edwards, Audley Harrison James Cracknell etc).  More...

Cmixx With Kelly Holmes.jpg

Caribbean Mixx Fitness (C-MIXX)

Caribbean Mixx Fitness led by Weininger Irwin and made up of professionals and fitness enthusiasts. See Video and read article below.

Caribbean Mixx Fitness

ITV Gladiators

Caribbean Mixx Weininger Irwin lifts the Title of UK's 1st Gladiator Champion watch episode.

ITV Gladiators

BBC 1 Generation Game

Caribbean Mixx dance their way into BBC Generation Game to a routine for contestants to challenge themselves see video


Karate World Championships

Caribbean Mixx Janice Irwin shows why she has amassed a haul of International and world tiles in Karate see her in action!

Janice Francis Irwin.jpg
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